Lots & Acreage – Erath County Real Estate

Erath County is a place that’s removed enough from the city to offer the peace and quiet people crave, but also close enough to enjoy the urban conveniences.

This area in west-central Texas is home to Stephenville, the “Cowboy Capital of the World,” and hosts unique rodeos and steak offs for all of Texas.

It’s the kind of lifestyle that has lured so many people to Erath.

Here are a few other reasons Erath Country has become the ideal location to buy lots and acreage:


All over Erath, you will find desirable properties with unique landscapes. Many lots and acreages are up for sale especially in the communities of Dublin, Stephenville, and Bluff Dale.

One of the many things that make Erath County an exciting location is the idea of establishing ranches on its acreages.

The properties are perfect for grazing, especially with ponds, creeks, and small lakes dotting the empty tracts.

Developers can also increase the value of the land by building homes, barns, stables, arenas, and ranch homes on the kind of property you won’t find anywhere else in the country.


Erath County has turkey, hogs, white-tailed deer, and occasional ducks, and doves which lure hunters.

Property owners can erect hunting cabins, lodges, and other facilities on acreage available in Morgan Mill, one of the many communities in Erath with excellent hunting opportunities.

Oil and mineral rights

Erath has almost 2,000 drilled wells in the cities of Stephenville, Lingleville, Bluff Dale, Morgan Mill, and Dublin.

Look to home sellers in Erath County who will be willing to negotiate the purchase of the mineral rights of their property – along with the surface rights.

Prospective homebuyers should remember that even though they own the surface rights of a property, other parties may have the right to extract minerals from the land. Whoever owns the mineral rights can use the land as an investment for future use. Selling the rights to mining or coal companies is another option.

Before buying a lot or acreage in Erath County, make sure to read up on surface vs. mineral estates

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