Farm & Ranch – Erath County Real Estate

On the Edwards Plateau in Texas is Erath County. It occupies 1,083 square miles, with terrain made up of red clay, sand, and limy soil, among others.

Erath County is mostly made up of wide open fields and scattered wooded areas. There are plenty of oaks and mesquites. The county is extremely rich in natural resources. In fact, it is home to two of the largest sustainable natural gas plants in North America.

Aside from all the livestock being raised in Erath County, deer, turkey, and hog also populate the area – encouraging hunting as a sport for locals and visitors alike.

If you choose to enjoy a laidback lifestyle, where you can walk or ride a horse around your property, you’ll find your spot in Erath County.

If you prefer to see yourself in the same sprawling property raising livestock, Erath County will prove just as hospitable.

This farming, ranching, and hunting haven is home to more than 39,000 proud Texans.


Available farms and ranches

In Erath, you’ll find sprawling cattle ranches with charming ranch-style homes, especially in the Hico communities of Alexander, Dublin, and Morgan Mill.

The county, which is located in the west-central area of Texas, has the ideal terrain for developing farms and ranches. A lot now up for sale statewide features beautiful hilltop views and coastal pastures.

You can have cattle graze freely within the fenced farmlands while ranchers hunt for wildlife in wooded areas.

There is plenty of turkey, quail, and deer within offered properties to please hunters and other sportsmen.

You can also choose to turn a farm or ranch into a legacy property, which you can eventually leave to your children or to the beneficiary of your choice.


In Erath County farms and ranches, you’ll also find:

  • Ponds and creeks
  • Excellent Native and Coastal pastures
  • Hay barns, private wells, stalls, and horse walkers
  • Multiple barns, pens, corrals and loading chutes for cattle
  • Custom-built ranch homes and additional guest homes

Explore the active property listings and Homes for Sale in Erath County TX.

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