Land – Erath County Real Estate

Texas is the second largest state in the country, with a land area of more than 268,000 square miles and a population of 26 million.

The Lone Star State is big enough to offer large tracts of land for sale to homebuyers, property developers, investors, and the like.

In Central Texas, on the Edwards Plateau, lies Erath County, farmland and ranch country where hunters like to track down deer, turkey, and hog.

Land in Erath County

Most communities in Erath still offer acres of land for farms, ranches, homes, and investment opportunities.

The city of Stephenville is popular for this purpose. So are the localities of Dublin, Lingleville, and Thurber.

Here are a few things you need to know about Erath County’s parcels and lands:


Erath County is characterized by varied elevations and interesting terrain. The landscape is perfect for grazing and constructing ranch homes with hilltop views.

Flora and fauna

The land is filled with native, Klein, and Bermuda grasses. Oaks, mesquites, acacias, beeches, and Ponderosa pine trees are abundant.

Livestock and wildlife

Erath is a top producer of dairy products in all of Texas. Most of the land for sale can be converted easily into livestock farms. Barns, stables, corrals, gates, and other facilities for cattle and horses can be built.

Hunters will enjoy Morgan Mill and the prey that roams there. There are feral hogs, turkeys, small game, deer, and other wild animals.


There are locations in Erath County with the potential for mineral extraction. Land, therefore, is purchased not just for surface rights but as mineral estates as well.

These rights can be a buyer’s next big investment. Owning mineral rights entitles the homeowner to resell the property to bigger players in the future.

Therefore, homebuyers beware. Think twice about buying land if the mineral rights are held by other parties. Mineral rights owners can claim the raw materials beneath the ground you own at any time and in their own terms.

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